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Back to Agility!

By Jeff | Feb. 10, 2014

After a several month hiatus from agility to tackle all kinds of foundation work, we decided to head over to an open agility night to see how Nova would respond. We did some simple sequences, but she still went a little crazy and ran off. Overall though, I was very pleased with how much she’s improved. Big successes were her heeling really well in close proximity to other dogs and tugging outside of home! She also had a fantastic down-stay for about 45 sec while I went and adjusted some of the jumps.

Nova's Training Goals 2014

By Jeff | Jan. 05, 2014

With all of the progress that Nova’s had on her training, I’m very optimistic for us to have a big year. Last year’s Recallers “replay” course was a ton of fun and we are seriously considering taking the full course when it launches in a couple months. Here are a list of the training goals we hope to accomplish by the end of the year.

Agility Equipment

Nov. 05, 2012 – Feb. 08, 2014

A variety of agility equipment and gear we've made.

Nova's First Agility Trial

By Jeff | Sep. 30, 2013

A couple weekends ago, Nova entered her first agility trial! We weren’t quite sure how it would go, but the instructors encouraged us to apply to at least get the experience and have fun. Since Nova knows how to do all the obstacles, we knew the hard part was getting her to do them in a new environment, and more importantly, not running around like crazy.

Intermediate Agility 2

Aug. 08, 2013 – Sep. 28, 2013

This is Nova's second iteration of Intermediate Agility at Wolverine Dog Training Club. It's a fairly generic class tailored to the students, so it is taken continually until the dog and handler team are ready to move up to a more advanced class, typically after competing on a regular basis.