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New Media Center!

By Jeff | Jun. 10, 2014

When we bought our first media center, we were focused on finding something that fit in the corner. It looked great, hid the mess of wires connecting our home theater equipment, and was out of the way. Unfortunately, we didn’t actually take any pictures of it when it was nice and neat. This is the first picture we have and you can already begin to see the problem.

Attic Wiring

By Jeff | Sep. 22, 2012

This is my third attempt at trying to figure out how to get cables from the corner of the family room to the attic. I could hire someone to do it, but is it worth a few hundred dollars when it’s free if I do it?

Installing CableCARD

By Jeff | Aug. 08, 2012

CableCARD is required by the FCC to be offered by your cable provider to allow users more freedom in how they view their media. You won’t hear it advertised because the cable companies have no reason to make information about them known. In fact, most techs and customer service representatives may not have heard of them or know ho to install one. The most common uses for these are in a TiVO, but you can also use them when making your own DVR such as with Windows Media Center. This last example is exactly what we planned to do.