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Nova in the Fall

By Jeff | Nov. 04, 2015

Fall is finally upon us and the leaves make a great backdrop for Nova, so we took some time to get a couple quick shots. Nova of course was a bit distracted by all the new leaves and smells of fall, but that’s ok.

Puppy Play Day

By Jeff | Jun. 15, 2015

This past weekend, we drove Nova around town to visit some friends. We thought it would be a good idea to let her have some play time with other dogs since almost all of the dogs she’s interacted with lately have not wanted to play with her or haven’t been allowed (such as at class), that we were worried it was turning her off to other dogs in general. It’s possible she’s just getting more “watchful” instead of “playful” now that she’s older, but she did get a couple of great play sessions in and we got lots of photos.

Clara is Adopted!

By Jeff | Jun. 13, 2015

I thought we would share Clara’s happy news with you that this past week, Clara was adopted! Her family had previously met her once before, and while we were fairly certain they were the ones for her, we wanted to have one more “meet and greet.” What we didn’t tell them is that we also brought all the paperwork with us and that they could adopt her on the spot if it was a match.

A Day at the Park

By Jeff | May. 09, 2015

The whole family got together for a fun outing at the park. Our goals were to see if Nova would do well in an outdoor environment (she did), see how Clara would do in an unfenced environment (pretty well), and have a fun photo shoot to learn some new techniques (accomplished). Since my parents were in town, my Dad was able to take some photos while I focused on working with the pups. I think this one is my favorite of the day.