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Nova Night Two

By Jeff | May. 08, 2012

Apparently, Nova has decided that prime howling time is between 12 AM and 6 AM. And I’m not just talking aout a little whimpering. I’m talking full on sounds like a tornado siren howling, except louder. So far we haven’t received any complaints, but we may need to bake our neighbors some cookies after she’s gotten the idea that howling gets her nowhere. Of course, the biggest problem is that we can’t even go in to her room to calm her down because that will only encourage her.

First Night Home

By Jeff | May. 07, 2012

This past weekend we were at our sister’s graduation and on our way home, we finally got to pick up Nova! We got to the breeder’s around 8 PM and they went through the basic paperwork for UKC and AKC as well as gave us a bunch of other fun puppy stuff. We were actually really surprised by how quiet she was both at the breeder’s and even in the entire hour-long car ride home.