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Jan. 11, 2014 – Jan. 22, 2014

Updates and information about our training website, Clicker Tracker.

Nova's Training Goals 2014

By Jeff | Jan. 05, 2014

With all of the progress that Nova’s had on her training, I’m very optimistic for us to have a big year. Last year’s Recallers “replay” course was a ton of fun and we are seriously considering taking the full course when it launches in a couple months. Here are a list of the training goals we hope to accomplish by the end of the year.

Dog Training DVD Reviews

Nov. 18, 2013 – Apr. 15, 2014

Reviews of a variety of dog training DVDs.

SoftPuppy Sessions

Oct. 05, 2013 – Nov. 13, 2013

A collection of brief videos detailing training progress throughout a variety of tricks.