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SoftPuppy Sessions 3: Kids in the Hall

By Jeff | Oct. 22, 2013

This week was the first official week of the Recallers online class, and it has been a blast for both Nova and me. In this session, we're playing the third game, "Kids in the Hall," where you get your dog used to your recall word. The game basically consists of first getting the puppy used to going back and forth between two people in a hallway free of distractions, and then adding either her recall cue or her name before she comes back to you. It's very important that only one cue (name or word) is given at this time so the puppy knows to come on either command.

Nova's First Agility Trial

By Jeff | Sep. 30, 2013

A couple weekends ago, Nova entered her first agility trial! We weren’t quite sure how it would go, but the instructors encouraged us to apply to at least get the experience and have fun. Since Nova knows how to do all the obstacles, we knew the hard part was getting her to do them in a new environment, and more importantly, not running around like crazy.

Intermediate Agility 2

Aug. 08, 2013 – Sep. 28, 2013

This is Nova's second iteration of Intermediate Agility at Wolverine Dog Training Club. It's a fairly generic class tailored to the students, so it is taken continually until the dog and handler team are ready to move up to a more advanced class, typically after competing on a regular basis.