Project Planning: Living Room Bookshelves

By Jeff | Aug. 15, 2012

One of our dream features in a home in wall to wall bookshelves. Our house does have some built-ins, but no where near enough space for all of our books. When we saw our living room (after the jump) we both immediately saw a great place to put more bookshelves.

Library without Shelving

After going to Home Depot and talking with some of the people in lumber, we’ve made a tentative decision to go with poplar 1” x 12” pieces and paint them white. Because we’re keeping the back open, it will make the shelves really pop against the accent color, even when filled with books. Here’s a 3D model I made using Google/Trimble Sketchup and Sweet Home 3D to show what the shelves would look like from a few different angles.

Shelving Mockup 2

We’re not planning on actually creating the bookshelves until the winter, but we’ll be sure to blog about the process.