Projects: Pot Rack

By Jeff | Sep. 02, 2012

When I’m cooking, I like to have everything close by where I can reach it more quickly. It just helps things more more quickly and saves stress, which, if you’ve ever been around me cooking, you know how important this is. Traditionally, pots and pans are stored under the oven. I think this takes too long. So what ends up happening is the stove has my 2 or 3 most used pots and pans on it all the time and the kitchen looks more cluttered than it needs to be.

This is where the pot rack comes in. It gives me easier access to all of my pots and pans without looking cluttered or taking up stove space. So we found this great pot rack and went about hanging it as soon as the kitchen got painted. Reading some reviews, I found that I should pick up some studier screws to hang the rack, so I pick up some heavy duty cabinet screws along with the pot rack.

Kitchen Pot Rack Location

We’ve got this great blank space perfect for a pot rack!

Unfortunately, it seems that the pot rack isn’t actually hung on two studs, but just one on the top. So another trip to the hardware store, I’ve got some giant 90 lb toggle bolts ready to go. For those of you who don’t know, in order for the toggle bolt to work, you need to be able to put the toggle into the drywall so it hangs on to a greater surface area. This spreads out the weight on the screw and thus allows you to hang heavier things than with just a screw or nail. But this means you need to create a hole big enough for the toggle to fit.

I’m sure by now, you’ve realized that this won’t go smoothly, and sure enough, I drill a large 1/2” hole in the wall only to realize that there’s a ventillation duct behind, and I won’t be able to get the toggle bolt in. Ok. I’ll just move it over a bit – but this time with the foresight to use a smaller test bit. Still no good, so I decide to switch tactics and use wall dogs, which are essentially just large screws rated at 50 lbs in drywall.

With Hillary’s help, we manage to successfully hang the pot rack… ever so slightly crooked. We try one more time and we finally have success! Even better, the wall dogs seem to be holding everything just fine.

Kitchen Pot Rack

Not only does it look great, but our new pot rack helps keep our kitchen clutter free! Ok, well at least there aren’t pots and pans left on the stove.