Projects: Towel Hook

By Jeff | Nov. 11, 2012

Sometimes even a small, simple project can make a big difference. This weekend, Hillary’s parents were in town and we tackled several projects, including bagging leaves, patching a hole in the deck, selecting baseboards and crown molding for the family room (and eventually the rest of the house), and one more project that we will reveal tomorrow. On top of that, we also made a minor improvement to our master bathroom that fixed a major inconvenience: we installed a towel hook outside our shower.

Our shower door swings toward the bathroom wall such that it blocks the towel bar, so you have to get out of the shower in order to reach the towels.

Shower Door Open

No Towel Hook

There is a sliver of a wall on the other side of the shower easily accessible from the inside that we thought would be perfect for a towel hook.

Installed Hook

We found a hook that coordinates with the rest of the bathroom fixtures and installed it on the slim wall. It was super easy to install and had it up in less than 15 minutes. Now we can hang a towel or two within easy reach. Yay for problem solving!