Projects: Outdoor Lighting

By Jeff | Nov. 12, 2012

Taking Nova out at night is a lot easier when you can see, but the side of our house had no lighting when we bought it.

So we found this great outdoor motion sensing light and installed it on the side of the house. It does take 3 D batteries, but it’s still going strong 4 months later. Here’s a picture of the light before we had our fence installed.

Outdoor Lighting

After we got the fence, I was able to adjust the angle of the light and it now perfectly illuminates just enough to see when Nova goes outside at night. The motion sensor works great and has a short enough timeout that it doesn’t waste too much battery. It even works great is pouring rain due to its “weatherproof” casing. Here’s a close-up of the light.

Outdoor Lighting

Our other project is slightly delayed until we can get some good before and after pictures, but it will be worth the wait.