Projects: Headboard Upgrade

By Jeff | Nov. 14, 2012

In our apartment, we had a rather unusual headboard. We had found some fluffy batting and a nice fabric and taped it to our TV box and set it behind our bed. Since the box our TV came in was so large, it actually turned out just right. And not only do we think it looked good, but it solved the problem of us having to find a spot to put the giant box.

We did put some of the foam inserts below the box to raise it up a bit, but you can’t see them behind the bed unless you really go looking for them. And while it looked good in our apartment, we wanted to make it look even better in our house. So we stashed the TV box in our basement and purchased a 2 x 4 ft piece of plywood. Then we used the old fabric because we love it so much, got some new batting, and got to work on our new headboard.

Headboard Batting

We folded the batting up several time and put it around the board to give it a more pillow-like feel. We kept the back uncovered so we would have a good spot to attach the hangers and picture wire.

Headboard Fabric

Here’s what the headboard looks like before we put the fabric on. It’s not enough to be super soft, but it’s enough for a decorative piece. Once we finally picked the project back up this past weekend, Hillary and her Mom folded the fabric in on the corners so they had a more finished look. It took a few extra folds, but I think it looks a lot better than just a square corner.

Headboard Corner

Once all of the fabric was stapled on, I attached a couple of hooks and some picture wire to hang it. The whole thing only weighed in at around 10 lbs, so we just used some medium sized picture hooks to hang it on the wall behind the bed. Here’s a close up of the hooks we used as well as the fold on the back.

Headboard Back

Here’s the final before and after shots of our guest bedroom! Our guest room is slowly coming together. Now if only we could get some window treatments and replace that dated mirror door on the closet.

Headboard Before

Headboard After

Here’s another close up shot of our headboard.

New Headboard