Theme Upgrade

By Jeff | Dec. 01, 2012

You might have noticed a slight difference in our page lately. This is our new version 2.0 blog theme. There aren’t too many big differences; most of the changes are to increase compatibility with older browsers and to get a more consistent look across all platforms. You can check out the full changelog after the break.

Here are some of the key updates:

  • Better compatibility through IE 6. You’ll still need IE 9+ or any other browser to view all content properly and comment, but at least the site is readable.
  • Improved commenting counts. They’re now at the top of each post in a little thought bubble.
  • Fixed width layout. This ensures you see the same thing no matter the browser or device.
  • Custom image sizes. This is more of a backend thing, but it should improve loading time for some pages.

That’s about it. There are some more technical details under the hood, so if you have questions or if something looks off, leave a message in the comments.