What Are We Thinking?

By Jeff | Dec. 15, 2012

It’s only 12 days until Christmas and we still have so much to do! For some reason, we thought it would be a good idea to try and completely reface our fireplace before Christmas in order to have a nice mantel to put our stockings on. In addition to that, I’ve developed a habit of seeing some new Christmas cookie recipe and thinking, “Oh, that looks good. I should make that!” So far, I want to make 10 different kinds of cookies. Any wagers as to how many actually get baked?

  • Haystacks
  • Cappuccino Flats
  • Truffles
  • Simple Bars
  • Gingerbread Cookies
  • Palmiers
  • NY Cheesecake Cookies
  • Sugar Cookies
  • Thumbprint Jelly Cookies
  • Russian Tea Cakes

The last three are actually Hillary’s so I only have to make seven. But seriously, how delicious do those sound? In fireplace news, we actually went out and purchased tile! We finally decided on Claros Silver Honed travertine tile which we think will do a great job complimenting the dark background and the snowbound shelves. We’ll share our 3D model once we’re done with that so you can see our final vision.

We also went to our favorite local home improvement store (Home Depot) to pick up tools to do the tiling job, and we saw these ridiculous nutcrackers for $6 each. We didn’t buy one.

After finding all the tile accessories and tools, we kind of stood there looking confused while the associate in that aisle helped another couple. When he was done he came over and was very helpful in letting us know what kind of stuff we needed and which things we didn’t need.

So here we are Friday night with a new wet saw staring at our to-do list. Any wagers on what actually gets done by next Saturday when my parents arrive?

  • Buy tiling tools
  • Finish end table (just finished the last polyurethane coat tonight!)
  • Bake cookies (1 down, 1 in the oven, 8 to go)
  • Finish 3D model of fireplace
  • Paint crown molding
  • Paint baseboards
  • Paint shelving
  • Paint mantel
  • Tile fireplace
  • Install mantel
  • Install baseboards
  • Install crown molding
  • Wrap presents