A Note Regarding LED Lighting and Dimmers

By Jeff | Mar. 29, 2013

So you just installed your fancy new LED lighting (or perhaps just CFL) and you made sure to get a dimmer like this one and you go to to dim the lights and it doesn't work! I meant to mention this part last time, but I forgot. If you notice, our new kitchen lighting (which I'm glad was SO much easier than the family room as those lights actually had proper tension clips) looks quite bright even at the lowest setting.

It turns out that all these lights can act a bit differently depending on how much energy is running through them. Fortunately, switch makers know this and have put a tiny little dial on them to adjust how they work precisely for this situation.

Dimmer Tab

Turn on your lights to full (you should always do this with LED lighting anyways) and then adjust the dial as you see fit. Now our LED lighting is fully functional.

Dimmed Light