By Jeff | Apr. 12, 2013

Since we’re just getting started in this whole DIY and home improvement thing, there are times when we go to the hardware store with a simple task, but when we get there are completely overwhelmed by the options available to us. The paint department is probably what comes to mind first. But today, we’re talking about the screw aisle. Between all the marketing, metric and imperial measurements, finding the right fastener can be complicated.

Fortunately, the people over at BoltDepot seem to have most of the basics covered for you in their Printable Fastener Basics PDF. They give descriptions of all the basic fastener types, materials, heads, and drives types along with typical uses and how to read the names. At the end they have several pages of printable sizing sheets. While they don’t have all the specialty screws listed (like the difference between a drywall screw and masonry screw), it’s still useful information for basic projects.