Happy Thanksgiving 2013

By Jeff | Nov. 28, 2013

Today was a big Thanksgiving for us: it’s the first time we hosted and along with that goes all the preparation, cooking, and cleaning. At least we only had 5 people so it wasn’t too bad.

For an appetizer, I got a round loaf from Capri Bakery and filled it with cheese, chives, red peppers, and lots of butter. Paired with a nice white wine, it was amazing!

Hillary also made a bone-in turkey breast in a crock pot since our oven is less than precise. It turned out deliciously juicy. We also had some dressing made by her parents, South African green beans, mixed sweet and russet mashed potatoes, “red stuff” (jellied cranberry sauce), bread, and more wine.


We also had some of my favorite: pie! In the back, you can see the first pumpkin pie, I’ve made, and in the front is probably the best apple pie that I’ve made.

Apple Pie

We have a lot to be thankful for this year. We’re thankful for each other and a families who love us. We are thankful for our puppy, Nova, who has learned so much over the last year. We’re thankful for our house and that it’s big enough to host events like our Bible studies and holidays. We’re thankful for a loving God. And of course, we’re thankful for our readers! We can’t wait for what the next year brings us.