From Deck to Patio!

By Jeff | Aug. 10, 2014

We knew the deck wasn’t going to last very long when we got the house. After patching one hole and other boards starting to rot away beneath us, we knew it was time for a change.

Deck Before

Since we’re not great with maintenance we wanted to go with something as low-maintenance as possible. This pushed us in the direction of a paver patio. They look great and most importantly are about as low-maintenance as possible; you just wash it down with a hose every several months. Follow the link for after photos and details.

After a few people came out to give us quotes, we ended up going with Domenico Brick Paving. They were competitively priced and had tons of great reviews on Angie’s List. We took the 2D sketch that he drew and made a 3D mockup.

Patio Mockup

The whole process went so much better than our floors. They kept us updated throughout the building process and even though there were a few issues we were very happy with how everything turned out.

Patio Progress

The first day, they did most of the demo. Of course that’s when all the issues came up. With the deck gone, we found 200 sq ft of 10-inch thick reinforced concrete that had to be demolished and hauled away to make room for the new patio. We also found a gas line to our fireplace that was about to leak that needed to be rerouted. And finally they discovered some wood rot on some boards that needed to be replaced. Oh well.

Patio Progress

Patio Progress

Since we needed a few days to take care of the gas line and wood replacement, they went and did another job. Meanwhile we hired someone to reroute the gas line through the garage and we took care of the boards ourselves.

Patio Progress

Once they were back, it only took them about a day to put in the patio and an extra couple hours to add the sand / grout. We are so happy how it turned out! The team from Domenico was great to work with. They did everything very professionally but also had fun doing it. Here are the photos of our new patio! What do you guys think?

New Patio