New Windows!

By Jeff | Oct. 11, 2014

We’ve had two windows in our house that weren’t under warranty and so we began looking into getting a new kitchen window and a new guest bathroom window. I’m not sure how well it came out in the photos, but the seal on these windows was broken which meant they were constantly fogging up and leaking air.

Bathroom Window Before

Kitchen Window Before

Outside Before

We hired a local company with consistent good reviews and we’re very pleased with the quality of both of the windows and installation. They were a little pushy on using Sunrise windows, which we had never heard of before, but after doing a little research found that the Michigan company made very good windows so we moved forward with the installation. Here is the window while it’s being installed. It already looks so much better!

Window Progress

Check out this new view from out kitchen! We think it looks a lot better and we love the clear view to the backyard that isn’t hindered by muntins (grids).

Kitchen After

Kitchen After

The guest bathroom is also an improvement but it’s not as big of an impact because the window is so small.

Bathroom After

Bathroom After