Nova Earns Her UAGI Agility Title

By Jeff | Nov. 01, 2015

A few weeks ago, we entered Nova in a UKC agility trial. We entered her in 5 runs and she qualified in 4 of them. The best part though, was that this means that she got her novice title, or “UAGI”! Check out the rest of the article for video of her performance.

In order to get your first title in UKC, you must qualify in 3 different runs. Due to the way UKC trials are set up, this means that if you do really well, you can get a title in a weekend as there are generally 4–6 trials in a weekend. Nova did fantastic and even almost got high in trial, but was beat out by a really fast veteran Toller.

Nova waits for her turn.

The first day went really well. She lost a couple points in her first run because she slipped off of the table, something she usually doesn’t do so I think it was just a fluke. She got right back on although it cost her 6 points (for getting off the table and then getting back on from the wrong side). The second run was mostly the same course, but backwards and Nova did great! She got a perfect score of 200 and 1st place for her division.

Nova at the end of day 1.

The second day also went pretty well. The video doesn’t show her AGII runs, but the first one she got confused at the weave poles so she didn’t qualify. The second one she did really well and only lost 2 points despite getting tangled in her leash at the start.

The last run was AGI and she went after one of the few dogs she doesn’t like. To complicate things, the dog was playing tug really close to the ring and it was a huge distraction for Nova. The judge asked if we wanted to swap our turn out, but we were already flustered and I felt that wouldn’t be fair to the other handlers. Fortunately, it was an easy course and Nova gained her composure and knew what to do.

Nova at the end of day 2.

Here are the full results for Nova from the weekend. The scores are out of 100

Level Place Yards Allowed Time Actual Time Speed Score
AGI-A 2 105 57 sec 33.34 sec 3.15 yps 194
AGI-A 1 105 57 sec 32.19 sec 3.26 yps 200
AGI-A 2 100 56 sec 47.09 sec 2.12 yps 196
AGII-A 1 120 63 sec 46.00 sec 2.61 yps 198

Nova with her ribbons and title.