End Table Construction

By Jeff | Nov. 26, 2012

Remember the plans I showed you a couple weeks ago? Now that we're back home, it was time to get to work. The first thing I did was measure the crate that we got to get the actual measurements. This modified the plans slightly, but they were still doable. The main difference was that I decided to use 2 x 2 legs instead of 3 x 3 and not taper them. I picked up the supplies at a Lowe's nearby to the Techshop and got to work.

The first thing I did was cut the legs down to 24" on the miter saw. I also used this to crosscut the boards to 25" lengths in order.

Stop Block

Since I needed to repeat this cuts a few times, I created a stop block using a scrap piece of wood and a clamp. This allowed me to cut the pieces to the same length easily.

Miter Saw

Once I had all of my pieces the right length, I moved over to the table saw and ripped the middle table top board to make the table top 31" and also cut a piece into fourths for the side pieces. Make sure when you’re measuring to keep in mind the width of the blade. In this case, the table saw blade was 1/8", which may not seem like much until you’re doing 3 cuts. If you didn’t take the blade into consideration, your fourth piece would be almost 1/2" shorter than the rest! Unfortunately, this does lead to strange cuts, so my sides are actually 2 23/32 inches tall instead of the originally planned 3.

Sawstop Table Saw

In case your wondering, that giant sawdust pile in the back is what happens when you turn on the table saw for about 2 seconds without turning on the dust collector first. At least there are shop vacs nearby to clean up. Once I had everything cut, I was able to fit together all the pieces and see how my table would look when it was finished! Here’s a sneak peek.

End Table Sneak Peak

The final work for day 1 was learning how to use the biscuit cutter and gluing together the table top. The staff at Techshop was very helpful and patient with all of my questions.


Tomorrow, I’ll sand down the bottom part of the table and glue it together and sand the table top.