Projects: Fencing 1

By Jeff | Aug. 22, 2012

One of the things our house didn’t have that we really wanted was a fence. Fortunately, we found that they were allowed and so we’ve set off to get one set up. Last Friday, we had three different companies come out and give us feedback and estimates. With those in hand, we’ve applied for approval from our homeowner’s association. Hopefully, we’ll have a fence all set up for Nova to run around as fast as she wants!

Here’s some pictures of the two types of fences we’re looking at: Ameristar Echelon Aluminum and Ameristar Montage Steel. They look pretty similar, but the steel is stronger and more expensive.

Example Fencing

Montage Fencing

You can see a rendering of what the fence might actually look like in our yard at the top of the page. If I had Photoshop, it would look a lot better, but this gets the point across.