Refacing the Fireplace is Happening

By Jeff | Dec. 19, 2012

We’re past the point of no return now on our refacing the fireplace job and we’re ready to go. For reference, here’s what our family room looked like before we moved in our house.

Back when we decided to essentially gut the entire family room and install drywall, we had to rip out those shelves that we liked. We were foolishly thinking we might be able to simply paint them and reattach them later, but we’ve now realized that’s not going to happen. Floating shelves like those aren’t meant to be put up more than once.

So we’re going to make new ones! And while we’re at it we figured why just paint the fireplace when you can do so much more. The new plan is to tile the inset of the fireplace with Claros Silver from the tile shop and redo the mantel and sides in painted wood. Here’s our vision.

Fireplace Render

And some detail renders….

Fireplace Detail

Fireplace Detail

One of the nice things about rendering everything in 3D before starting the project besides seeing what it will look like is that we can easily look at different options. Depending on how expensive it is and what our options are, we may also want to either get a new fireplace door or if possible, repaint the one we have. Here’s a shot of what it could look like with a silver door instead of the current gold.

Silver Fireplace

Oh, did we mention we want all this to happen in a week? We’ll see where we are, but the goal is to have a place to hang the stockings by the time my parents get here (on Saturday) and at least in time for Christmas. Sunday night, we put on a thin layer of thin-set to even out the brick. Tuesday, I went into TechShop to rip the pieces of wood I’d need for the floating shelves and for the side pieces. Since we now have a nice big miter saw, we’ll be able to cut all the pieces to length and glue them together here at the house to save time and help prevent mistakes.