Tile Progress and Delays

By Jeff | Dec. 23, 2012

You didn’t honestly think we were going to get everything done on time, did you? Actually, considering all that’s happened in the last few days, I think we’ve done pretty well. You can see our current progress after the break.

  • Purchase tile
  • Purchase wood
  • Make cuts at TechShop
  • Even out brick with thin-set
  • Tile front and sides of hearth
  • Tile hearth
  • Tile back of fireplace
  • Create mantel (in progress)
  • Create shelf braces (in progress)
  • Create shelves (in progress)
  • Paint shelves
  • Paint mantel
  • Install mantel
  • Install braces
  • Install shelves

Between our three holiday parties Saturday through Monday, we picked up our tiles and put on a thick layer of thin-set in order to even out the brick so it would be easier to tile over. We’re definitely glad we did, but it did bump us back a day since we had to wait for it to set before we could do any tiling. Here’s the fireplace before we put the thin-set on.

Fireplace Render

On Monday we kept going back and forth about whether to make a bevel on the edges to make them look nicer. It was only after I had made all the cuts and decided that our tile saw wasn’t quite up to the job (or I just wasn’t good enough yet) that we changed our minds. Oh well. I least I got some practice on the saw and we did get some of the hearth done. Since the wet saw is so messy, we set it up in the garage on an old card table.

Tile Saw

Tuesday was a filled day at TechShop after work and I purchased all the materials for the braces and mantel. I learned how to cut bevels using the table saw and made some really long really skinny pieces.


Besides the tiling taking much longer to do than expected, the biggest hit to our plans was me getting sick on Wednesday. Since I was mainly responsible for cutting the tile to fit and working on wood sections, we had almost no progress except for finishing up the hearth and getting part of a shelf finished for testing on the next three days.

Gluing the Shelves

With the parents coming into town on Saturday, we needed to refocus our priorities and make the place look slightly more presentable even if it still looks like a construction zone. So here are are on Saturday with the hearth finished and a huge pile of wood in our family room.