Columns Version 2

By Jeff | Feb. 02, 2013

Using all of our free time to work on house projects has prevented us from blogging about them in real time, but we wanted to at least give you guys a few updates.

Instead of making columns completely and then fitting them on, we decided to only glue the short inset side and the front together.

Our last update had us gluing and screwing in the longer outset sides to keep them square. In order to keep the front and the inset square, I learned a new method of clamping that involved creating an “L” shaped piece of wood from scrap and clamping both sides of it like so:

Shelving Clamps

This made keeping the two pieces square a lot easier. For more clamping tips, check out this great article on Family Handyman.

Once we got the pieces glued together, we installed them and kept them square with the outside pieces. The first one was pretty easy; I think the left side brick was generally in better shape. The second one though posed us huge problems. Apparently, when we kept the pieces square, we also pushed the column in way farther than the left side. We decided that the best way to solve this problem was to cut a 5/8″ piece and glue it on both sides. Adding some wood glue and fresh paint should hide any issues.

Ready for Shelves

The other big thing we got done around the same time was the lower-left shelf. We installed some cleats in the back and the sides and then nailed the shelf in place. With a freshly cut piece of baseboard held up, we think it looks pretty good!

Base Shelving