One More Shelf

By Jeff | Feb. 10, 2013

With all of the middle shelves installed, we’re left with the following tasks on our huge fireplace / wall renovation.

  • Build, paint, and install the top shelf.
  • Install the top part of the mantel (in between the columns).
  • Install the crown molding and trim decoration.
  • Close seams and touch up paint.

Breaking it up like that makes it seem daunting still by number, but it also means we can cross things off the list quicker. And what better way to start off the final process but with a trip to Home Depot?

We were hoping that 1 x 8 material was going to be deep enough for the crown, but it was just a bit too short. So I trekked down to Home Depot and returned our leftover wood and picked up some 1 x 10 wood.

Instead of building the the shelf ahead of time and sliding it over the cleats like we did for our other shelves, we wanted to build the shelf bottom to top in place. So we first cut the pieces to length so we would have two pieces of wood spanning the entire width of the wall (about 13 ft). Then we scribed the wood and cut them with our jigsaw it to fit the wall. In order to ensure the bottom part of the shelf would stay put, we used some masonry screws to secure the wood and keep it level.


Then we glued on the skeleton part and screwed it into the walls and put the top part of the shelf on top of that. Notice that we offset the seams to improve stability in the structure.


Finally, we installed the casing, making sure to cut it at a 45 degree angle to remove the appearance of a seam.