Cutting the Draft with a New Door!

By Jeff | Feb. 23, 2013

Ever since we took the old door off the fireplace (way back here), there has been several distinct drafts raising our heating bill to astronomical numbers (about twice what we're used to) and we've been working to solve those.

The first area, and the easiest to fix were some areas around the edges of the room. We picked up some Window and Door Sealant and filled some of the holes where there wasn’t much insulation. It made a huge difference! There were a couple spots that were practically a fan of cold air blowing into the room that were now completely gone.

The second area to help cut our heating was in getting a door for the fireplace. Our old fireplace door didn’t look great, and since it didn’t fit anyways, we needed to find a new door. We had checked out both Home Depot and Lowe’s for doors, but they had the same ones and didn’t actually have many samples to look at. One of the people at our friendly Lowe’s mentioned there was a separate fireplace store just down the road. When we got there, we found that not only did we not really like the doors they had (although there was a much greater selection), but they were ridiculously pricey – as in some of them were over $2000! For just a door! Granted, they were custom created, but that also meant we wouldn’t get it for several weeks.

So we took a risk and ordered a door for less than 15% of that cost on amazon. Since it was a pretty big purchase, we were a little leery, but it turned out to be a great idea.

We took the fireplace out of the box and installed the heat-resistent insulation that came with it and then measured the fireplace to determine the specific installation method. We knew we had the right size door, but there were a few different installation methods depending on the specific size of the fireplace opening.

New Fireplace Door

The installation was pretty easy, and only involved putting the door in place and using some braces to attach it to the lintel bar (a metal bar holding up the center section of bricks in a masonry fireplace). The color turned out fantastic and we think it looks way better than those super pricey models at the boutique store.

New Fireplace Door

The only downside is that while the door definitely cuts down on the draft, it’s still not completely gone. The air seems to be coming from right around the glass door so perhaps this is the difference between our $270 door and the $2600 models. We’re hoping to be able to remedy it with some kind of door weatherstripping in the future.