Clara is Adopted!

By Jeff | Jun. 13, 2015

I thought we would share Clara’s happy news with you that this past week, Clara was adopted! Her family had previously met her once before, and while we were fairly certain they were the ones for her, we wanted to have one more “meet and greet.” What we didn’t tell them is that we also brought all the paperwork with us and that they could adopt her on the spot if it was a match.


It was obvious the second time that nothing Clara could do wrong would dissuade them so we told them if they wanted, they could keep her that day. From their excitement, you would have thought they won the lottery! The wife literally shrieked with joy. We took some more obligatory photos, although I won’t be posting those with the new family here to respect their wishes. Clara has been a fantastic dog and it was hard to say goodbye, but we know she’s at a great family and will live a very happy rest of her life.

Clara looks to her new family.

Clara under the table

Clara the Border Collie

I think Nova is very happy too, and now it’s time for a few weeks break from fostering to give her some time to decompress and maybe play with a few dogs that actually like to play.

![Foster family photo(DSC_0107.jpeg)

One last goodbye