Kitchen Cabinet Reface: Days 15–16

By Jeff | Jun. 27, 2014

We've been so busy with all kinds of other fun stuff, that we haven't had time to finish our write-up on our cabinets. We always try to post real-time updates to Facebook and Twitter, but now we're finally able to post our final before and after photos!

Refaced Cabinets

Once we got everything painted, things got about as exciting as watching paint dry, literally. We wanted the paint to cure long enough so that when we re-attached all the hardware, all the paint didn’t get scratched up. The first thing we did was reinstall all the metal bars for the pull-out drawers. We considered replacing them with white ones, but after seeing just how expensive they were, it was not worth it to us.


Installing the doors was really easy thanks to our numbering system. We had a diagram of where all the numbers when, and had written the numbers on the door hinge holes like below.

Cabinet Doors

Cabinet Doors

After we got everything installed, we painted some of the areas that needed it and then installed the door pulls. We decided on a simple pull that matched the size of the old ones but gave them a more updated look. Here’s another shot of the final product!

Project Summary
Project Length: 16 Days
Hours Worked: About 42
Supply Store Stops: 6
Total Cost: $243