Kitchen Cabinet Reface: Day 2

By Jeff | May. 26, 2014

After all the prep work we did on Saturday, most of the work left requires a lot of waiting. Seriously, the primer requires a full 24 hours before you can apply paint and the paint requires 16 hours of drying time between coats!

Hillary did all of the cabinet frames with some 100% nylon brushes. We got a 2.5″ brush from the paint store that was probably way nicer than we’d ever notice and the “top of the line” Home Depot 1″ brush that was about 1/3 the cost.

Painted Cabinets

While Hillary was inside, I was in the garage arranging on the doors to be sprayed. It was a little tight getting them all in there, especially with our other project drying, but we managed. Based on what we read elsewhere, we started with the backs of the doors. We have a Wagner HVLP 590 sprayer with a “detail nozzle” I thought would work great with the primer since it’s thinner than regular paint. I set the airflow to around 3 and throttle to full, which gave me a nice thin coat over everything. We have about 30 doors and drawers and they took about 30 minutes to spray, not including set up time.

We let the doors dry for about 8 hours before flipping them over, so we got some other work done and went to see the new X-Men movie. When we got back, I flipped the doors and drawers over and sprayed the fronts.

Painted Doors

Day 2 Summary
Stores Visited for Supplies: 1
Money Spent: $8 (paintbrush)
Hours Worked: 7