Kitchen Cabinet Reface: Days 4–14

By Jeff | Jun. 09, 2014

Don't worry. Our kitchen cabinet reface isn't going the way the fireplace renovation, which took way too long. Painting an entire kitchen just takes a long time.

Fortunately, the actual time spent working is not that bad. The hardest part by far was painting the cabinet frames, which took Hillary about 4–6 hrs per coat. The doors, drawers, and shelf fronts took me about 45 min. per coat since we were spraying them.

The time increased drastically though because we could only do 1 coat per day since the primer we used (INSL-X STIX) has a 24-hr dry time before painting and the paint (Benjamin Moore Advance) has a 16-hr dry time before repainting. Since the doors had two coats, that meant we had 6 days of painting.

So why weren’t we done last week? Because in addition to the dry time, the paint recommends a 3 to 5 day curing time to let the paint fully harden before attaching any hardware. Stay tuned because our next update will have the finished cabinets and an extra surprise!

Day 4–14 Summary
Stores Visited for Supplies: 2
Money Spent: $70 (extra qt. paint and new cabinet hardware)
Hours Worked: 10