Miter Saw Table Part 2

By Jeff | Dec. 07, 2012

Last time, we had most everything cut and the bottom and left side nailed together. If you remember, I was off on the height by 3/16" and had created small pieces to raise up the table top. I used 3 nails to join them together. Since they were also nailed together further with the table top. Here's a close up of the improved support pieces.


Once I got the support pieces nailed to the top, I flipped the whole thing over and nailed the top to the bottom. Since I had a nail gun I may have used more nails than necessary, but I wanted to make sure everything stayed together.

With the main table all finished up, the only main part left was the back wall. I used the miter saw in its new table to cut two sections (46.5″ and 25″) for each side of the table.

Table Testing

After nailing on the back, I set to work on creating the holes for the bolts to hold the saw in place. For my saw, I used 1/2″ bolts and started them with the drill in the miter saw holes to make sure they were in the right place. Even doing this I still managed to get the back holes about 1/8″ off, but I was still able to screw the bolts in. Clearly I need to work on my accuracy in woodworking.

The last step was to run over everything with a quick sanding at 80 grit to get rid of any splinters and sharp corners. I eventually want to add a fence to the left side and maybe even put in an inset ruler , but the wood I had to use as the fence was not straight enough, which defeats the purpose of a fence. If I get access to the jointer/planer at the TechShop soon, I may run it through that to create a nice flat surface and add a fence. Here are some pictures of the finished product!

Miter Saw Table

Miter Saw Table

Miter Saw Table