This Week in Puppy News: April 28 - May 4, 2014

By Jeff | May. 03, 2014

I’m trying out a new segment starting called “This Week in Puppy News” where we review the week’s top puppy stories.

Bartender Receives $1,000 Tip to Help With Dog’s Surgery

A dog owner’s tattoo sparked conversation among patrons at a Holiday Inn, where she spoke about her dogs, including that her 3 year old Great Dane / Lab mix, Tucker, was in surgery. One of the patrons, who has asked to remain anonymous left a very generous $1,000 tip. When the bartender asked about it, he said that it was for Tucker’s surgery. After removing a tennis ball from his small intestine, Tucker is scheduled to make a full recovery.

via [Fox News Insider]] []

Man Charged With Voter Fraud After Dog Receives Polling Card

In what potentially started as an off-handed joke to a census taker, a UK man is facing jail time when his dog later received a voter polling card.

via [Guardian UK]

Illinois Moves to Ban Puppy Mills

Crowded, inhumane, and cruel, puppy mills are a huge problem, and Illinois Governer Pat Quinn is supporting new legislation that aims to help stop this by preventing pet stores from selling dogs acquired from these commercial breeders.

via [Illinois Review]

How Good is Your Dog at Impulse Control?

A new study from Duke University’s Canine Cognition Center investigates how good different animals are at impulse control. Unsurprisingly, dogs perform very well at this task.

via [NY Times]