This Week in Puppy News: May 5 - May 11

By Jeff | May. 11, 2014

This week read about if it's really necessary to end a session on a positive note, a dogs to rides the bus, and watch the heartwarming reunion between an army vet and the dog who saved his life.

Busting Myths: Ending a Session on a Good Note?

While not typical news, this article by Silvia Trkman looks into the common idea of always ending a session on a positive note, especially when using a reward based system. She makes some interesting arguments, especially with dogs who may be “messing up” simply because it means they get to play with you longer.

via [LoLaBu Land]

Dog Gets on a Bus and Won’t Leave

Of course our dogs are sad to see their family’s kids leave for school, but this dog decided to do something about it, and hopped on the bus, sitting patiently in a seat until he was lured off and sent home.

via [MyFox Atlanta]

Army Vet Reunited with Bomb-Sniffing Dog

You may need some tissues after this one. After being sent home due to an injury, Sgt Jason Bos was apart from his faithful companion who served our country another 4 years. I’m not sure who is happier to see whom.

via [WCBSFM]