This Week in Puppy News: May 12 – May 18

By Jeff | May. 18, 2014

This week learn how to include a dog in your wedding, about a Michigan dog rescue, and how a dog saved its owners life from a fire.

The Definitive Guide to Including Your Dog in Your Wedding

It’s that time of year when everybody seems to be getting married, and we all want to find a way to include our fluffiest friend in the festivities. The good people over at BarkBox have come up with a list of several unique and exciting ways to make sure everybody gets included on your special day.

[via BarkPost]

Michigan Rescue Saves Nearly 100 Dogs from Puppy Mill

Livingston County Animal Control was able to rescue over 90 dogs from a puppy mill and is working with the Humane Society to provide care and find temporary shelters for the puppies.

[via Humane Society ]

Dog Wakes Owner During Fire

If it wasn’t for King, a pomeranian, his owner might not still be alive. After a fire broke out in another room, he jumped on his owner who was fast asleep and woke her up alerting her to the situation.

[via MyFox Phoenix]