This Week in Puppy News: May 29 - May 25

By Jeff | May. 26, 2014

This week we cover the World Agility Open, learn how a dog earned her co-pilot's license, and hear a dog's bark sound like a person.

US Takes Gold in World Agility Open 2014 Team Pentathlon

The WAO 2014 actually happened last weekend, but we didn’t cover it, so I thought I would mention it here. Even thought the Slovenian team ran faster by a total 11.693 seconds, the US team ran much cleaner and left Italy with a first place win for team agility pentathlon. Next year’s WOA will take place in the Netherlands.

[WAO Results, WAO Courses ]

British Dog Gets Co-Pilot’s License

After logging over 50,000 miles in the cockpit, canine captain, Callie, is the first British dog to earn an “air crew” card. She’s been flying with her owner since he was only 12 weeks old and even has a special harness for the small plane.

[via Design you Trust]

Dog’s Bark Sounds Like a Person Screaming in Agony

This week’s silly video is brought to you courtesy of Shih Tzu, Cody.