This Week in Puppy News: May 26 - June 1

By Jeff | Jun. 01, 2014

This week we hear the heartwarming tale of a dog and girl learning how to trust, the effect of positive reinforcement in guide-dog training, and see the video reunion of a soldier and the dog who saved his life.

Abandoned Girl and Dog Teach Each Other How to Trust

Eden was abandoned by her parents at only 5 days old. Marvin, a 1-yr-old brindle mix, was starving, abandoned by his parents. Eden was adopted at 9 months, and started having night terrors, typical of abandoned children, at age 3. It was then her parents decided it was time to get her the dog she had always wanted. Marvin was a clear winner: calm, good with children, and loving. Since Marvin has joined the family, he and Eden have been inseparable, helping each other to trust others despite their very rough upbringings.

[via Topeka Capital Journal]

Guide Dogs for the Blind See Drastic Improvement in Graduation Rate After Switching to Positive Training Methods

“Using traditional methods, roughly 45 to 50 percent of the dogs entering the formal training process made guide dog status. With the incorporation of clicker training (one type of positive reinforcement), 60 to 85 percent graduate and are successfully paired with a blind partner.”

[via The Bark]

[Video] Soldier Adopts Dog that Saved His Life

Layka was shot four times – bullets that were meant for his owner while serving in Afghanistan. She then continued protecting Staff Sgt. Julian McDonald by successfully attacking the shooter. After extensive surgery and recovery, she is now officially part of the McDonald family.