It's Beginning to Smell a Lot Like Thanksgiving

By Jeff | Nov. 20, 2012

If you asked me what Thanksgiving food I would pick if I could only have one, I wouldn’t have to think about it at all. Apple pie. While the rest of the stuff is fine, for me it’s just not Thanksgiving without a delicious apple pie. And don’t even try and fool me with something store bought. Those taste dreadful and I will turn it down. Since it’s so important to me, making this year’s apple pie became my responsibility.

If pie really was as easy as pie, I would definitely make it more often. Unfortunately, it’s something I still haven’t gotten the hang of, and I’m still trying recipes for crusts so I won’t go into to much detail until I get it right. For me, the hardest part is keeping the crust in one piece once I’ve rolled it out. I’ve found a tea towel or pastry cloth helps tremendously. Too bad I didn’t realize that until after I had done the first crust.

Pie Crust

The filling, however, is super easy and what really sets a homemade pie apart from store bought syrupy mess.

  • 1/3–2/3 C Sugar (to taste depending on apples)
  • 1/2 tspn Cinnamon
  • 1/2 tspn Nutmeg (freshly grated would be best)
  • Dash of Salt

Yes, that’s it. That’s the recipe for the best apple pie seasoning ever. Cut up your apples (for this pie, I used all golden delicious) and toss them in the mixture. Pour into your pie crust and dot with about 2 TBsp of butter. Put your other pie crust on top and slice a few holes to let it breath. And here’s proof that your pie does not need to look good to taste good.

Unbaked Pie

I told you that I was still working on the crust part. At least I was able to save enough crust to make a sample pie to ensure everything turned out ok. Into the oven they went, and after about 45 min. (30 with foil around the edges), they were golden brown and smelled delicious!

Mini Pie

The little pie turned out looking a lot better than the main pie.

Apple Pie

The big pie doesn’t look pretty, but it smells good! I think this means I’ll just have to practice baking more pies.