Unexpected Projects: Plumbing

By Jeff | Jul. 21, 2012

When we purchased the house, we knew that there would be maintenance and repairs to take care of, especially since the house isn’t exactly new. However, we were thinking they’d be spread out over more than 1 month. We are calling it our trial by fire, and four weeks into being homeowners, we are starting to feel like pros at getting things fixed.

It all started when we got back from our weekend in Grand Rapids for our friend’s wedding, about a week after we had taken ownership of the house. I go downstairs and to my surprise and disgust there’s sewage all around the basement drain! After a few hours of panic, phone calls, and several trips to our 24-hour Meijer for cleaning supplies, we have everything cleaned up.

Of course, at this point we’re very happy we have our home warranty, but unfortunately, they conveniently misplaced our check. A few more calls and emails between them, our realtor, and us, we finally get it all worked out and have a guy scheduled to come out and fix the problem.

We had narrowed it down to the powder room on the main floor, but were confused because we had barely used it. When the guy came out, it was already doing a little better, but he could tell that the auxiliary line was still clogged and he ran a snake through it and got everything moving smoothly. Thankfully, the bathroom is still working perfectly, and we recouped $35 of our warranty costs. First problem successfully solved!