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Site Reorganization

By Jeff | Oct. 27, 2015

You might notice things are a bit different. This is due to us migrating away from wordpress, which we felt was a bit bulky for our needs over to a new system called grav. Really what this means for you is that you should see smaller page sizes and faster load times.

We've also simplified the site a lot by separating the "Soft Puppy" and "Warm House" aspects into two different subsites as well as adding a new "Life" tab. That way if all you're interested in is puppy articles, house articles, or things about our life, you can hide what isn't relevant to you. Of course, you can always choose to view all posts if you want and searching and tags at the right will search through all posts by default.

Theme Upgrade

By Jeff | Dec. 01, 2012

You might have noticed a slight difference in our page lately. This is our new version 2.0 blog theme. There aren’t too many big differences; most of the changes are to increase compatibility with older browsers and to get a more consistent look across all platforms. You can check out the full changelog after the break.