Soft Puppy Trials Posts

Nova Earns Her UAGI Agility Title

By Jeff | Nov. 01, 2015

A few weeks ago, we entered Nova in a UKC agility trial. We entered her in 5 runs and she qualified in 4 of them. The best part though, was that this means that she got her novice title, or “UAGI”! Check out the rest of the article for video of her performance.

Nova's First AKC Agility Trial

By Jeff | Jul. 28, 2015

This was a big weekend for Nova! We went to visit my parents and also competed in her first AKC agility trial on Sunday! If you recall, she tried her paw at UKC over a year ago and it didn't go quite as planned. We've been practicing really hard though and she's been consistently doing well in more advanced classes and at some fun runs.

Nova's First Agility Trial

By Jeff | Sep. 30, 2013

A couple weekends ago, Nova entered her first agility trial! We weren’t quite sure how it would go, but the instructors encouraged us to apply to at least get the experience and have fun. Since Nova knows how to do all the obstacles, we knew the hard part was getting her to do them in a new environment, and more importantly, not running around like crazy.