Warm House Backyard Posts

Replacing Rotting Boards

By Jeff | Aug. 16, 2014

When the patio guys took out our old deck, they found among other things a board directly beneath the sliding door that had started rotting away. We were fine contracting out the gas line but figured we could take care of this project ourselves.

Fencing Complete

By Jeff | Oct. 13, 2012

We finally have a fence! It even came earlier than expected, although due to unfortunate placement of lines, it did take 2 days to install instead of one. Now Nova has a nice big yard she can run around in safely. We are a bit worried, that she’ll eventually be able to find a way out, but we have a…

Projects: Fence Update

By Jeff | Sep. 03, 2012

We put down our deposit on our fence! We decided to go with Defence Enterprises because the owner, Matt, was very friendly and liked dogs. He also didn’t try to sell us on a more expensive product that he didn’t think we really needed. We’ll keep you guys updated throughout the process, so look for another post in the next 2 to 4 weeks when the materials come in!

Projects: Fencing 1

By Jeff | Aug. 22, 2012

One of the things our house didn’t have that we really wanted was a fence. Fortunately, we found that they were allowed and so we’ve set off to get one set up. Last Friday, we had three different companies come out and give us feedback and estimates. With those in hand, we’ve applied for approval from our homeowner’s association. Hopefully, we’ll have a fence all set up for Nova to run around as fast as she wants!