Warm House Family-Room Posts

New Media Center!

By Jeff | Jun. 10, 2014

When we bought our first media center, we were focused on finding something that fit in the corner. It looked great, hid the mess of wires connecting our home theater equipment, and was out of the way. Unfortunately, we didn’t actually take any pictures of it when it was nice and neat. This is the first picture we have and you can already begin to see the problem.

A Note Regarding LED Lighting and Dimmers

By Jeff | Mar. 29, 2013

So you just installed your fancy new LED lighting (or perhaps just CFL) and you made sure to get a dimmer like this one and you go to to dim the lights and it doesn't work! I meant to mention this part last time, but I forgot. If you notice, our new kitchen lighting (which I'm glad was SO much easier than the family room as those lights actually had proper tension clips) looks quite bright even at the lowest setting.

Mantel Reboot

By Jeff | Jan. 20, 2013

I know our last post didn’t have any pictures. That was because I had already dismantled the mantel before I realized I didn’t have any pictures of what they looked like. Sorry about that. The problem was that the boards simply weren’t square nor were they very plumb (vertically level) or flat. I’m sure we’ll find a use for the wood in some other project.

Mystery Project Planning

By Jeff | Nov. 13, 2012

After winning a 3-month membership to the local workshop, TechShop, I've been trying to come up with a good project to take advantage of the resources. I was also given a free class, so I took the basic wood shop class, which granted me access to several of the main tools in the wood shop area, and have finally come up with an idea.

Family Room Drywall

Oct. 13, 2012 – Nov. 07, 2012

We hired someone to install new drywall in our family-room to replace the ugly wood paneling.

Projects: Family Room Renovation Part 1

By Jeff | Sep. 27, 2012

Pretty soon after we moved in to our house, we decided that the wood paneling in our family room had to go. Even though it didn’t look that bad painted white, we knew that once we painted it our own color (blue), it would be a lot more visible. Also, with the strange 8 ft panels and 8.5 ft ceilings, it was just going to look weird. Yes, there was actually 1/2 ft of drywall showing above the panelling.