Warm House Garage Posts

Garage Workshop

By Jeff | Dec. 03, 2012

Christmas is coming up and we have so much to do! We felt like we got so much started and almost nothing done over the weekend. Saturday was a perfect day to work outside, so we started work on our Christmas lights only to find out we didn’t have quite enough of them. And when we went back to Lowe’s, they were all sold out. By the time we found some elsewhere and made it home, it was too dark to do anything with them. I guess that will have to wait for another day.

It's a Two-Car Garage

By Jeff | Nov. 18, 2012

When we were looking for a house, one of the requirements was that it had a two-car garage. Ever since we moved in to our house though, we’ve had at most, a one-car garage. Between using the garage as a storage space for things not moved in yet to a temporary work area for our family room project, the garage has always been way too full to hold both cars. This past weekend when we weren’t cheering on the Wildcats in enemy territory, we were cleaning up the garage.