Warm House Kitchen Posts

New Windows!

By Jeff | Oct. 11, 2014

We’ve had two windows in our house that weren’t under warranty and so we began looking into getting a new kitchen window and a new guest bathroom window. I’m not sure how well it came out in the photos, but the seal on these windows was broken which meant they were constantly fogging up and leaking air.

New Flooring!

By Jeff | Jul. 27, 2014

About time! Our “2–3 day” flooring install job is finally finished only 4 weeks later! It was a long and very frustrating process, but it’s a huge improvement. New hardwood flooring is now installed where there was once brick tile, old vinyl, old parquet, and some not-so-bad carpet. It ties the whole first floor together. If you all the details on why we won’t be using Lumber Liquidators nor Apple Renovation Services again. If not, here’s the before and after photos.

Kitchen Cabinet Reface

May. 25, 2014 – Jun. 27, 2014

Join us as we reface our kitchen cabinets. This upgrades the kitchen look and cost us only $250!

A Note Regarding LED Lighting and Dimmers

By Jeff | Mar. 29, 2013

So you just installed your fancy new LED lighting (or perhaps just CFL) and you made sure to get a dimmer like this one and you go to to dim the lights and it doesn't work! I meant to mention this part last time, but I forgot. If you notice, our new kitchen lighting (which I'm glad was SO much easier than the family room as those lights actually had proper tension clips) looks quite bright even at the lowest setting.


By Jeff | Feb. 18, 2013

The other day while we were at Home Depot, we decided to look at some ceiling fans. It was a good break from just getting more things for the fireplace and as you can see below, the our current kitchen fan is rather dated.

Projects: Pot Rack

By Jeff | Sep. 02, 2012

When I’m cooking, I like to have everything close by where I can reach it more quickly. It just helps things more more quickly and saves stress, which, if you’ve ever been around me cooking, you know how important this is. Traditionally, pots and pans are stored under the oven. I think this takes too long. So what ends up happening is the stove has my 2 or 3 most used pots and pans on it all the time and the kitchen looks more cluttered than it needs to be.