Warm House Projects Posts

New Windows!

By Jeff | Oct. 11, 2014

We’ve had two windows in our house that weren’t under warranty and so we began looking into getting a new kitchen window and a new guest bathroom window. I’m not sure how well it came out in the photos, but the seal on these windows was broken which meant they were constantly fogging up and leaking air.

Kitchen Cabinet Reface

May. 25, 2014 – Jun. 27, 2014

Join us as we reface our kitchen cabinets. This upgrades the kitchen look and cost us only $250!

New Media Center!

By Jeff | Jun. 10, 2014

When we bought our first media center, we were focused on finding something that fit in the corner. It looked great, hid the mess of wires connecting our home theater equipment, and was out of the way. Unfortunately, we didn’t actually take any pictures of it when it was nice and neat. This is the first picture we have and you can already begin to see the problem.

We Have a Workshop!

By Jeff | Jun. 09, 2013

One of the reasons why there hasn’t been much going on in terms of home-related projects was because we didn’t really have any good space to work. Above you can see what was the “workshop” area of our basement.

A Note Regarding LED Lighting and Dimmers

By Jeff | Mar. 29, 2013

So you just installed your fancy new LED lighting (or perhaps just CFL) and you made sure to get a dimmer like this one and you go to to dim the lights and it doesn't work! I meant to mention this part last time, but I forgot. If you notice, our new kitchen lighting (which I'm glad was SO much easier than the family room as those lights actually had proper tension clips) looks quite bright even at the lowest setting.

Mantel Reboot

By Jeff | Jan. 20, 2013

I know our last post didn’t have any pictures. That was because I had already dismantled the mantel before I realized I didn’t have any pictures of what they looked like. Sorry about that. The problem was that the boards simply weren’t square nor were they very plumb (vertically level) or flat. I’m sure we’ll find a use for the wood in some other project.

End Table

Nov. 26, 2012 – Dec. 18, 2012

We built a custom end table that fits Nova's crate underneath perfectly!

Miter Saw Table

Nov. 28, 2012 – Dec. 07, 2012

If you need to cut long pieces of wood, having a miter saw table is a must. This one is easy to make and inexpensive.

Project Week

By Jeff | Nov. 24, 2012

The past few days have been super crazy, so we’re sorry that the posts haven’t had as much real content as usual. We’ll fill you in a bit more tomorrow, but we have some exciting projects planned for this upcoming week.

Painting the Guest Bedroom

By Hillary | Nov. 15, 2012

Yesterday we showed you a sneak peek of our guest room when we revealed our headboard project, but that’s not the only progress we have made on that room so far. When we moved in, the room looked like this:

Projects: Headboard Upgrade

By Jeff | Nov. 14, 2012

In our apartment, we had a rather unusual headboard. We had found some fluffy batting and a nice fabric and taped it to our TV box and set it behind our bed. Since the box our TV came in was so large, it actually turned out just right. And not only do we think it looked good, but it solved the problem of us having to find a spot to put the giant box.

Mystery Project Planning

By Jeff | Nov. 13, 2012

After winning a 3-month membership to the local workshop, TechShop, I've been trying to come up with a good project to take advantage of the resources. I was also given a free class, so I took the basic wood shop class, which granted me access to several of the main tools in the wood shop area, and have finally come up with an idea.

Projects: Towel Hook

By Jeff | Nov. 11, 2012

Sometimes even a small, simple project can make a big difference. This weekend, Hillary’s parents were in town and we tackled several projects, including bagging leaves, patching a hole in the deck, selecting baseboards and crown molding for the family room (and eventually the rest of the house), and one more project that we will reveal tomorrow. On top of that, we also made a minor improvement to our master bathroom that fixed a major inconvenience: we installed a towel hook outside our shower.

Fencing Complete

By Jeff | Oct. 13, 2012

We finally have a fence! It even came earlier than expected, although due to unfortunate placement of lines, it did take 2 days to install instead of one. Now Nova has a nice big yard she can run around in safely. We are a bit worried, that she’ll eventually be able to find a way out, but we have a…

Projects: Office Paint

By Jeff | Oct. 01, 2012

A few weekends ago, Home Depot had a sale where if you buy 5 gallons of paint, you could get $20 off. So naturally, we had to make a trip to get some of the paint we’re planning on using the most: Big Chill.

Projects: Family Room Renovation Part 1

By Jeff | Sep. 27, 2012

Pretty soon after we moved in to our house, we decided that the wood paneling in our family room had to go. Even though it didn’t look that bad painted white, we knew that once we painted it our own color (blue), it would be a lot more visible. Also, with the strange 8 ft panels and 8.5 ft ceilings, it was just going to look weird. Yes, there was actually 1/2 ft of drywall showing above the panelling.

Attic Wiring

By Jeff | Sep. 22, 2012

This is my third attempt at trying to figure out how to get cables from the corner of the family room to the attic. I could hire someone to do it, but is it worth a few hundred dollars when it’s free if I do it?

Projects: Fence Update

By Jeff | Sep. 03, 2012

We put down our deposit on our fence! We decided to go with Defence Enterprises because the owner, Matt, was very friendly and liked dogs. He also didn’t try to sell us on a more expensive product that he didn’t think we really needed. We’ll keep you guys updated throughout the process, so look for another post in the next 2 to 4 weeks when the materials come in!

Projects: Fencing 1

By Jeff | Aug. 22, 2012

One of the things our house didn’t have that we really wanted was a fence. Fortunately, we found that they were allowed and so we’ve set off to get one set up. Last Friday, we had three different companies come out and give us feedback and estimates. With those in hand, we’ve applied for approval from our homeowner’s association. Hopefully, we’ll have a fence all set up for Nova to run around as fast as she wants!

Installing CableCARD

By Jeff | Aug. 08, 2012

CableCARD is required by the FCC to be offered by your cable provider to allow users more freedom in how they view their media. You won’t hear it advertised because the cable companies have no reason to make information about them known. In fact, most techs and customer service representatives may not have heard of them or know ho to install one. The most common uses for these are in a TiVO, but you can also use them when making your own DVR such as with Windows Media Center. This last example is exactly what we planned to do.

Home Network Planning

By Jeff | Jul. 23, 2012

Once we finally figure out what to do with the family room, we’ll be able to install the in-wall portion of our network. In the meantime, I thought it would be nice to give you guys a sneak peak of what the final network is going to look like.

Our First Project: Dining Room Dimmer Switch

By Jeff | Jul. 09, 2012

We’ve only just moved into our new place, but we wanted to start on some projects right away. Neither of us have much experience in either the DIY or home owning world, so we thought it would be good to start small. Since the dining room wasn’t a high priority, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal if we messed things up, but the dimmer switch that controls the lights in that room was really old and practically falling apart. Plus, swapping out a light switch should be easy, right? Well, armed with our new drill and new dimmer switch / wall plate, we began work.